AC Repair — Amana HVAC  in Saint Charles, MO

Professional Repair & Replacement of All Makes and
Model Units

Air conditioning repair and maintenance are important services. When you need them, you should be sure to hire a residential AC repair specialist who provides reliable service. American Home Heating & Air Conditioning offers repair and replacement for units of any kind. You can trust our highly skilled technicians to either repair your existing air conditioner or replace if necessary.

In order to avoid the need for repairs and replacement, though, you can invest in the routine maintenance that keeps your HVAC system in working condition. By simply having an expert perform general service periodically, you can detect problems before they worsen and ensure that your unit’s lifetime is prolonged. Some common reasons for repair that maintenance can help prevent include the following:

  • The refrigerant in your system is low and needs to be recharged
  • There is a leak in the system that is causing refrigerant loss
  • The fan is broken and causing the compressor to overheat
  • Coils are frozen and air filters are obstructed

Serving St. Charles City, St. Charles County and St. Louis County

When hot summer days and nights are upon us, there’s no question whether an air conditioner is a necessity. If you need air conditioning repair, it’s best to schedule a contractor sooner rather than later so that you do not have to endure the heat without relief. American Home Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional maintenance and repair for all HVAC systems in areas such as St. Charles City, St. Charles County and St. Louis County. If you need a heat pump or any other HVAC product, we can help with that, too. Call us at (636) 946-1055 for more information and scheduling availability.